A mini-webgame, an oniric adventure.

Click everywhere to discover mysterious surreal mirabilia in the other side of your dreams.

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this was really cool, well done! 


Really simple mechanic to follow. And it works so well with the atmosphere. Was great!


That was confusing and intriguing, precisely as I'd expect from a game dealing with dreams. Nice artwork too!

I enjoyed the  surreal artwork and feel.

A very interesting concept. We like this little game. It has the special something. The doggo is very cute, but can be very cruel too. We experienced it all. Some moves hurt a bit, but that's okay with us.

Whoooa, tnk you very much Night Kitty!

congratulations - a really original game mechanism - and a lot of great graphics


LOVE this! A true piece of art! Thanks!

thanks to you fren

excellent stuff. I love surreal puzzle games like this, and the visuals were a real treat. great work!

a small game, but really charming and unic! I would love to se a bigger game with this vibe and art style. Loved playng!

tnxxx! if yo wanna play more: check out https://dialobic.itch.io/introspectus

Pretty unique and funny at the same time. Loved it

Awesome mini-stories.


Very weird game but also fun. Wish we could explore this world a bit more. Anyway, here's my experience with the game.

ye! thanx fot the gameplay

weird but a good kind of weird

thank you so much for your dreamy dreaming...

Great illustrations and atmosphere. Congrats! 

thanks a lottt fren

This was a weird but enjoyable experience. Thank you for sharing!


thanks a lot! you dreamed very very well

Deleted 1 year ago

Wow! ... thank you sooo much for your gameplaytrought!

Click Click Hahaha


great weird little game i want more! :)

A short but simple interesting little game, with an abstract feel, I give it a thumbs up, keep up the good work.

very brief, and very original.
I like it!

thenckya fren

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The illustrations are great, though the gameplay is somewhat confusing. Not sure how I'm supposed to click the circles. Still, very cool aesthetic.

This is a weird game. You're very good at drawing and I haven't played anything quite like this. Good job, keep making games!

wow thanks fren ,,, i apreciate

i feel… confused and… i don’t know what i’m feeling right now… just… wow, this kind of game have so many types of feelings inside it and a lot of awkwardness coming from some strange pictures you just don’t understand but, at the same time, this have all the sense… Please, continue with your beautiful job :D

theeenks a lot, it is a pleasure. If you wanna see more strange drawings please have a look here: https://ko-fi.com/dialobic

okay, i’ll take a look :D