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This is so beautiful and disturbing at the same time. Great job!

Interesting way to do your progression. Slightly clunky but the story and art made up for it.

zenks! ... pls try out the new version!

Don't notice much of a difference. Still a cool idea but the dots that you are supposed to go over are really difficult to see in most of the images. I spend most of the time just moving my mouse around trying to find them and then getting sent back to the last one.

I also noticed that there might be a bug that allows you to finish the same one 2 times before going forward.


Loved the sound, atmosphere, and art. This was so cool.

zenkyuuu... tnx tnx, game is now uppdated, wanna replayit?


Jeez, the ending through me off. Fun mini adventure and great art!

yeea, tnxxx, more will follow...


Will it work on mobile... I try it and it seems glitchy

i know,,, i got problems with the resolution on mobile...

strange, 4 me that  was fine but it wouldn't really respond to any taps or swipes or anything...

A pretty chill game. I liked it.

Yesss! you did it!!! ... thanks a lottt for the play!

Just now seeing this. You’re welcome.